Create a detailed catalog of all your movies and TV Shows.


     ⁃     Supports both Movies and TV Shows:

     ⁃     Details retrieved online from TMDb (The Movie Database):

                    • poster, cast, crew, genres, etc.

     ⁃     Import movies and TV shows from your Videos library.

     ⁃     Links provided to

                    • TMDb, IMDb, Amazon™ and the movie's official web site (if available).

     ⁃     Separate TV episode cast lists for season regulars vs. guest stars.


     ⁃     View details of your catalog in a variety of ways:

     ⁃     Genres

     ⁃     Actors

     ⁃     Directors

     ⁃     Create "Tags" to organize your catalog as you like.

     ⁃     Specify the types of media for each catalog item:

                    • DVD, Blu-ray, VHS, Amazon Instant Video™, iTunes™, UltraViolet™,

                       or create your own.

     ⁃     Define physical packages (like boxed-sets or TV Seasons).

     ⁃     Create a Wish List for things you would like to add to your catalog.


     ⁃     Browse actor details and credits online.

     ⁃     Lend items to people in your Contacts.

     ⁃     Save an offline backup of your catalog on your iCloud Drive, Dropbox, etc.

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